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23:21-- Hallelujah: The a & p supermarket ?
23:21-- Guest_6015: Hey Robert. could you play a block of missing persons with mental hopscotch?
23:22-- AwesomeQuest: well I ain't waitin' for a secret word... *gulp*
23:22-- Hallelujah: He ain't here guest
23:22-- Hallelujah: Whatcha drinking quest?
23:22-- Guest_6015: oh wow
23:23-- Guest_6015: so the show was pre recorded
23:24-- Hallelujah: Robert is at kindecomm?
23:24-- AwesomeQuest: Sierra Nevada Blindfold Black IPA, mmmm
23:25-- Hallelujah: Sounds good awesomequest
23:26-- AwesomeQuest: Robert's whereabouts are a mystery
23:26-- AwesomeQuest: achievement
23:31-- AwesomeQuest: The Braves are eating us for dinnah ~ dum Philz
23:33-- Hallelujah: Only the 1st inning. Plenty of time to catch up.
23:42-- AwesomeQuest: They're like RD - they didn't show up either.
23:43-- Hallelujah: Heh good one you are punny
23:44-- NastyCanasta71: Howdy all... :)
23:46-- Hallelujah: Hello NastyCanasta71!
23:54-- AwesomeQuest: 'Allo - we're sorta chillin' insteada chattin'
0:16-- Hallelujah: Yeah
0:25-- happysongs4happyppl: damn was crossing my fingers for Not Tonight
0:37-- ru ku: love not tonight and here is teh house--- myhappy dm songs
0:38-- ru ku: where's dinner quest
0:43-- JeffersonLeeEng: Because I just can't stay away... :D :D :D :P
0:47-- AwesomeQuest: dinner with Morrissey -- it's MURDER!
0:52-- ru ku: you know i'm hearing richard sing this in my head....
0:54-- ru ku: (^^and i accidentally quoted a furs title)
1:01-- AwesomeQuest: Is le Prof filling in? ;)
1:05-- Hallelujah: Keith Brand?
1:06-- ru ku: ahhahahahahah
1:09-- AwesomeQuest: the greatest XTC album fer shur!
1:15-- AwesomeQuest: LOOKOUT, Town!
1:35-- happysongs4happyppl: OH HELL YES
1:48-- happysongs4happyppl: Big Brown Eyes after this would make my day
1:49-- AwesomeQuest: someone's been raiding John Stanley's collection again...
3:24-- Guest_1793: «link»


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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