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2:34-- Culture Quest: Ms. Holly Beth Vincent would be in order.
2:35-- DevoBuzz: Yeah I thought of Pretty Poison as freestyle too - Catch Me I'm falling.
2:36-- Poison: Sometimes that song get played and I never think of it as new wave. Hmm. It's been played on here before. Just curious
2:37-- BoojiBoy: I'm glad to hear Shonen Knife
2:37-- BoojiBoy: That was unexpected!
2:37-- scuba scuba: good night all!
2:37-- Culture Quest: don't get 'the bends' when u leave, scuba
2:37-- BoojiBoy: I keep meaning to see Shonen Knife live, but keep missing them
2:39-- DevoBuzz: Robert played Tell That Girl To Shut Up - but it was by Transvision Vamp and not Holly and the Italians rgiht?
2:42-- Johnny Quest: Correct. I asked for "Miles Away"
2:44-- Johnny Quest: but I got some Romeo Void, so I'm happy
2:44-- DevoBuzz: ha yeah
2:46-- 2 X felder: wow, robert has gone all out tonight
2:47-- Johnny Quest: he digs deep for the Ladies
2:49-- Fireman Dave: Nena Kerner PLLLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE
2:49-- 2 X felder: i am impressed with his finds
2:49-- Fireman Dave: N E N A
2:49-- Guest_2411: what's your prediction quest?
2:49-- Fireman Dave: Hast du etwas Zeit für mich
Dann singe ich ein Lied für dich
Von 99 Luftballons
Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont
Denkst du vielleicht g'rad an mich
Dann singe ich ein Lied für dich
Von 99 Luftballons
Und dass so was von so was kommt
2:49-- Johnny Quest: *gulp*
2:50-- 2 X felder: now i need a drink
2:50-- Johnny Quest: Ms. Harry - that's a wrap
2:50-- 2 X felder: ha
2:50-- Guest_2411: hahhaha
2:51-- BoojiBoy: See you all next month!
2:51-- Johnny Quest: Until April, fools!
2:51-- 2 X felder: good night to all the 2 x and x & y chromosomes
2:52-- Johnny Quest: Knight Knight. Thank you for spinning the wax, Drakenator.
2:52-- Destiny: see ya laters :)
2:52-- Robert.Drake: G'nite all- thanks as always for listening :)
2:53-- DevoBuzz: Fireman Dave - bist du ein Gabriele Kerner fan?
2:53-- Guest_2411: nights!
2:53-- 2 X felder: thanks Robert, this show is now history.
2:55-- Johnny Quest: make that Herstory
2:57-- Fireman Dave: Thanks RD! Rapture is the 2nd 7" i ever bought with my own $. The first was B52's Rock Lobster.
4:48-- Guest_6534: Does anyone know if the Land of the Lost is archived with mp3 of shows or at the very least has a playlist of them?


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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