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2:24-- tristablet: Heh
2:24-- JeffersonLeeEng: Oh, goody...kraft recalls american cheese singles
2:24-- JeffersonLeeEng: Give Hitch some kitty skritches for me
2:24-- E. Questello: Jaz Coleman was certifiable, even back then.
2:26-- tristablet: Will do Jeff!
2:26-- JeffersonLeeEng: "Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product"
2:28-- E. Questello: is this a clean version?
2:28-- Robert.Drake: who cares
2:28-- Robert.Drake: lol
2:29-- E. Questello: whew!
2:31-- JeffersonLeeEng: :-)
2:32-- Little Hands of RMR: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
2:34-- Guest_8664: Wow! such fun music tonight!!!
2:35-- Guest_8664: The fun doesn't stop
2:36-- Guest_8664: BTW - evening folks!
2:36-- E. Questello: Robert Smith - pop singer!
2:39-- Quessence Rare: HowDo, Guesteses.
2:39-- Little Hands of RMR: OMG!
2:40-- Quessence Rare: MOD!
2:40-- Quessence Rare: wait - that was the Jam
2:43-- Quessence Rare: Kewletz??
2:44-- Little Hands of RMR: oh noes
2:44-- Robert.Drake: the CD went to "heaven"
2:44-- Guest_8664: That wasn't just my sonos system, I take it...
2:44-- Quessence Rare: or Andrew muscled his way in...
2:46-- JeffersonLeeEng: CD rot at its finest
2:47-- JeffersonLeeEng: «link»
2:48-- DevoBuzz: Nothing lasts forever -ha
2:48-- Quessence Rare: and now he won't leave :)
2:51-- DevoBuzz: He's gone.
2:57-- JeffersonLeeEng: cd player bad
2:58-- DevoBuzz: Thanks for another wonderful night Robert!
2:58-- Robert.Drake: thx all
2:59-- Johnny Quest: After a month off (two, really) it was quite a pleasure! Thx for the Quest-Requests.
3:00-- Little Hands of RMR: cheeers!!
3:01-- Johnny Quest: Night gang - I posted some shows on the fb site.


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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