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1:49-- Quest Vigilante: Pray like Aretha franklin
1:50-- dana_kat: bleh
1:51-- Javier's taco stand: I think all of pennsport is praying quest
1:52-- Javier's taco stand: ;)
1:52-- OverheatedTris: elmwood park zoo!!! NTOWN REPRAZENTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:54-- Quest Vigilante: I thought Enola Gay made them popular...
1:55-- Robert.Drake: to US
1:55-- Robert.Drake: hehe
1:55-- Robert.Drake: this made them MONEY popular
1:55-- Quest Vigilante: OM$
1:57-- Quest Vigilante: Actually, I was hooked by Red Frame White Light
2:05-- dana_kat: good ol' mark e smith
2:06-- Quest Vigilante: he put the tank in cantankerous
2:06-- Javier's taco stand: Saw him at Unitarian church about 10 years ago. He couldn't stand. He sat off stage in an unknown room with s light projecting his silhouette
2:07-- dana_kat: ha, i remember wanting to go to that show
2:07-- Javier's taco stand: I feel like that sometimes at voyeur. Where's my silhouette lighting?? Will it be part of their renovation?
2:08-- dana_kat: GET UP
2:08-- dana_kat: TAKE A BATH
2:09-- dana_kat: or make a bath, even
2:15-- OverheatedTris: grace!
2:18-- OverheatedTris: a-ha!!!!
2:25-- waltman: Grace Jones makes up for Michaela playing Rebecca Black this morning!
2:27-- Quest Vigilante: morrissey? Hasn't that been canceled yet?? ;)
2:29-- OverheatedTris: gotta bring the Duran!!!
2:30-- OverheatedTris: grace jones has grandkids though...what would THAT be like
2:37-- Johnny Quest: seamless mix -- he's done this before
2:45-- OverheatedTris: inxs! i remember where i was when i heard about Michael Hutchenson's death
2:50-- waltman: OverheatedTris: It would probably be AWESOME
2:52-- OverheatedTris: yeah little beautiful brown children be like...MY GRANDMOM IS MORE FABULOUS THAN YOURS
2:57-- Johnny Quest: 'Bout time someone apologized to me. All is forgiven, Roland.
2:58-- OverheatedTris: hahaha
2:58-- waltman: With awesome spiky hair.
2:59-- OverheatedTris: well better get to bed...retail hell awaits
2:59-- Johnny Quest: yeh, show's ovah. Niteums Sys
2:59-- OverheatedTris: nighties everyone, much love from my and the kitty
3:00-- Johnny Quest: *gulp*


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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