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13:25-- System: Welcome!
23:04-- rmrdaddy: Hola !
23:04-- Rowdy Questy Piper: Blue Moon y'all!
23:05-- rmrdaddy: JQQQQQQ
23:06-- Rowdy Questy Piper: I know that Blonde
23:08-- Hotvier: Swell evening
23:08-- rmrdaddy: would she admit to knowing you!!?
23:08-- rmrdaddy: poor "hot"vier!!
23:09-- Hotvier: Girl, it's hot!
23:10-- Sunday Girl: <<<- DJMT
23:10-- Sunday Girl: Is there a "word" yet?
23:11-- rmrdaddy: negative
23:11-- Rowdy Questy Piper: I started before the show
23:12-- Guest_9698: Pulling mussels from the shell!
23:12-- Sunday Girl: I'm on beer #3
23:12-- rmrdaddy: DANG DJMT
23:13-- Hotvier: On beer 3 too!!
23:13-- Hotvier: Rowdy, we figured you had a head a start
23:13-- Rowdy Questy Piper: :P
23:14-- Rowdy Questy Piper: Rum 'n oj, fer now
23:14-- Hotvier:
23:15-- Guest_8939: rumble fish excellent choice
23:15-- Guest_8939: hey Robert. hoping you can get love action on by human league tonight
23:15-- Guest_8939: so far great show
23:16-- Hotvier: I love dancing to "Denis"
23:16-- Guest_8939: cheesesteaks and beers
23:19-- Hotvier: And more beers
23:19-- Rowdy Questy Piper: hey Mr. Morning Host-to-Be... us dronkers need a werd....
23:20-- Robert.Drake: ummm.... let's go with BLONDIE
23:20-- Rowdy Questy Piper: *gulp*
23:20-- Ru ku: Getting some nosh before i settle in to the best night on radio
23:21-- Guest_8939: this song was in Night of the Creeps 1986
23:21-- BoojiBoy: Hi folks!
23:22-- BoojiBoy: I'll be seeing Stan on Tuesday
23:24-- Radio Girl: Hiyaaaaaaaa!


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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