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2:43-- Peel Quessions: it's da booze, *gulp*
2:45-- Peel Quessions: one of my wordplay heroes passed away this week -- Merl Reagle, the Sunday puzzlemaker for the Inquirer. to Merl...
2:45-- Guest_joy: the booze may help, but you have a gift with words.
2:46-- Janvier: We call him quispy
2:46-- Guest_joy: after all the bands, all the music, have you ever written words to a song.
2:47-- Guest_joy: janvier, i am afraid to call him, quispy
2:47-- Janvier: His clever quips
2:47-- Guest_joy: the Lady sings
2:47-- Janvier: Now I want Chinese food! Dammit!
2:48-- Peel Quessions: first OMD, then Ms Sioux. where's that RMR ??
2:48-- Janvier: Call him whatever you want. He'll respond with if s bottle's in your hand ;)
2:49-- Peel Quessions: *urp*
2:49-- Guest_joy: He was so witty and clever and he obviously delighted in words as he played with their meanings.
2:50-- Johnny Quest: u flatter moi
2:50-- Janvier: Was? You mean "IS"?
2:50-- Ru ku: Love yaz!!
2:50-- Guest_joy: oh, I see Johnny Quest has returned
2:50-- Janvier: Yes Ru!!!
2:53-- Johnny Quest: I always take off the facade at the end of the nite.
2:53-- Johnny Quest: It's almost 11. *gulp*
2:54-- Guest_joy: almost over...until next August
2:55-- Johnny Quest: thanks again Rbt Drake for your own hours-upon-hours of 80's entertainment. Have a good evening, all.
2:55-- Guest_joy: good evening,
2:56-- Johnny Quest: John Bartol, where r u ??
2:57-- Guest_joy: Bauhaus
2:58-- Janvier: Quest is under 3 sheets
2:58-- Guest_joy: sorry, I was thinking out loud..
2:58-- Robert.Drake: night folks - thx as always for listening!
2:58-- Janvier: Gracias señor Drake!
2:58-- Guest_joy: robert, thanks for the peel sessions...August and October in LOTL
2:59-- Johnny Quest: nite Joyce & JanV
2:59-- Guest_joy: get a snack and some rest, Robert
2:59-- Johnny Quest: *gulp* *gulp*
2:59-- Guest_joy: hope to see you soon, Mr Quest.
2:59-- Janvier: See you soon questorama
3:01-- MCCRE: Nice final mix, I will be back next month.


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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